21st Century Genetics

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TCG introduced 2 Non GMO Conventional Corn hybrids in 2017, TCG 225 and TCG 405.  This is the culmination of a research project that began in 2012.  A third hybrid, TCG 207 is available in 2018.

                                       TCG 225 is our main hybrid for ND and northern MN,  the  “Northlander”.  

                                      The data below shows that this hybrid has the maturity characteristics of a 79 day hybrid with exceptional test weight. 


                                      TCG 405 is our main hybrid for South East ND and Southern MN, the “Midlander”,

                                       good standability, yield and test weight with rapid drydown.

                                      TCG 207 is in the same maturity class as TCG 405 with better stay green

                                       and slower dry down.