Available for Spring 2019

TCG-Bright produces high quality durum grain with exceptional color, and hard vitreous kernel percentages. Yield has been excellent from Minot ND on into MT. TCG-Bright is a quality companion variety to the hardy all purpose durum variety VT Peak.

HISTORY of our DURUM BREEDING:  We have a long association dating back to the Dakota Growers Pasta (DGP) breeding project (1996-2012); Brad Miller was the agronomist, I was the breeder for WestBred, and the late Jim Quick joined, breeding directly for DGP.  A number of outstanding varieties were released during these years.  WestBred released Primo D’oro, Grande Doro, Wales, and Westhope.  DGP released DG Star, DG Max and  VT Peak.  These varieties were a unique combination of Desert Durum and NDSU releases.  The result was generally good standing, high yielding varieties, with improved scab resistance and weathering resistance coupled with timely drydown.  VT Peak is a culmination of that background and is sold by Lawson and Mark as a CPS of Canada product.  Our new project is a cooperative venture with TCG, CPS of Canada, Northern Seed LLC of Bozeman MT, and our 2 Durum Associates.    Greg Fox, 4/16

 21st Century Genetics

  Speed Breeding the Next Generation

21st Century Genetics  (TCG)  initiated a Durum Breeding Project evaluating 3 varieties starting in 2016.  The results of this work is the release of TCG-BRIGHT. Our two durum associates are Lawson Jones of Webster ND, andMark Birdsall of Berthold ND.