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Much of the TCG HRS Wheat data was included in the Nov./Dec. 2016 Prairie Grain TCG HRS Article/Report, which is posted here. 

I have made presentations that include this 2016 data as well as some pictures, 2015 data, an updated brochure, and most importantly the AgriMax (Fisher MN) HRS Grower Survey. This is also available for you to consider at your leisure and download if you like.

I think that the pictures speak for themselves.  TCG-Climax (TCG 807) (2018 Release) performed better in the small plot trials in 2015 (1.8 million population) than 2016 (1.5 million population), so I’m going back to 1.8 million for small plots in 2017.  I have also included a shot of GSG 1010, which is a very early, very short, high yield potential, high protein variety for northern areas along the Canadian Border (expected 2018 release). 

The Agrimax HRS Grower Survey, which has been conducted for decades now, has proven to be the best indicator of real world performance of HRS varieties, in my opinion.  In this survey real farmers are polled on real world performance of current commercial varieties in commercial fields.  This was the first year that the TCG varieties were in the survey, and you can see that they topped top the grower's fields for yield.  TCG-Spitfire the top yielder won by a wide margin.  The TCG-Wildfire (second) was less preferred as it’s standability was not as good as TCG-Spitfire, but it excels on lighter soils and alkali (high PH) soils. TCG-Cornerstone was not represented in the Survey in 2016. 

I have included a link to the 2016 NDSU Trial / Grand Forks County Crop Improvement Association Small Grain Improvement Trial.  The results mirror the Agrimax Grower Survey, and demonstrate methods of achieving 14% plus protein in high yielding TCG-Spitfire.